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The Surrey Centre for Law and Philosophy promotes interdisciplinary research at the University of Surrey School of Law

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The Surrey Centre for Law and Philosophy is founded on the idea that legal inquiry and philosophical theorizing are mutually reinforcing pursuits. This is not simply because the two fields employ similar tools—like rigorous argument, close reading of texts, and careful attention to logic. The two disciplines also examine similar questions: What is justice? What are our individual rights and obligations? What are our collective responsibilities? How do we create a freer or fairer society? What principles should guide the use of state power?

The Centre thus is committed to the idea that the study of law is deepened when grounded in philosophical principle, and philosophy is of greater benefit to society when relevant to pressing practical and legal issues. The Centre’s members consist not only of legal theorists, but also of lawyers with philosophical training and philosophers with interests in legal questions—all of whom are invested in an interdisciplinary and collaborative approach to research.

The Centre organizes workshops and seminars throughout the year to promote the free exchange of ideas on important questions at the intersection of law and philosophy. We also seek to engage and inspire students, legal practitioners, and members of the public through our fellowship programmes, large lecture events, and media outreach.

Research Fellows

Ryan Abbott square portrait Sept 2017 hi res

Professor of Law & Health Sciences


Senior Lecturer in National Security and Foreign Relations Law

hrafn_asgeirsson square photo

Co-Director of the Surrey Centre for Law & Philosophy, Senior Lecturer in Philosophy and Law


Senior Lecturer in Public Law and Legal Theory

Steve Bero square photo Sept 2017 hi res

Lecturer in Private Law

Bebhinn square photo

Professor of Neuroscience, Law, and Legal Philosophy

Ken Ehrenberg square portrait Sept 2017 hi res

Co-Director of the Surrey Centre for Law & Philosophy, Reader in Public Law and Legal Theory

Ambrose Lee square photo Sept 2017 hi res

Lecturer in Legal Theory

Ira Lindsay square portrait Sept 2017 hi res

Senior Lecturer in Finance Law and Ethics

Small Cropped Newhouse 2019

Senior Lecturer in Law, Philosophy, and Public Policy

Dennis Patterson square portrait Sept 2017 hi res

Professor of Legal Philosophy


Professor in Moral and Political Philosophy (Jurisprudence)


Head of School of Law, Professor of Legal Philosophy


Lecturer in Moral and Political Philosophy


Affiliate Fellow; Lecturer in Political Theory


Affiliate Fellow; Professor of Law, Birmingham City U.


Affiliate Fellow & SCLP Visiting Professor of Law and Artificial Intelligence; Professor of Legal Informatics and Legal Theory, European University Institute/U. of Bologna

Visiting Fellows and PhD Student Fellows


Graduate Student Fellow


Graduate Student Fellow

Daniel Peixoto Murata Photo
Daniel Peixoto Murata

Graduate Student Fellow

Caterina Fabiani

Graduate Student Fellow

Andrea Priorelli

Graduate Student Fellow


The Surrey Centre for Law and Philosophy holds events throughout the year to ignite imagination and promote collaborative and interdisciplinary research. We have three series on which we particularly focus:

Hart Seminar Series:

These regular seminars feature a diverse group of leading scholars who work at the intersection of law and philosophy. Hart Publishing contributes generous support to make the seminar series possible. You can view our past and future Hart Seminars here.

Keynote Lectures:

These lectures bring diverse audiences together by bridging two divides simultaneously: the divide between law and philosophy, and that between legal scholarship and legal practice.

Workshop Series:

Our intensive, invitation-only, pre-read workshops bring together leading scholars to focus on some of the hardest problems in legal philosophy. Programmes from recent workshops are available here and here.


21apr4:00 pm6:00 pmVirtual Hart Seminar: David Nelken (KCL)


05may4:00 pm6:00 pmVirtual Hart Seminar: Ulrike Heuer (UCL)

19may4:00 pm6:00 pmVirtual Hart Seminar: Renee Bolinger (Princeton)

News & Social Media

Highlighted Recent Publications

Christopher P. Taggart, ‘Retributivism, Ultimate Responsibility, and Agent Causalism’ 2019 Tulsa Law Review. (forthcoming)

Veronica Rodriguez-Blanco, ‘Is Practical Knowledge Prior to Theoretical Knowledge in Action? Reflecting on Anscombe's Institutional Transparency’ (2018) 52(3) Journal of Value Inquiry 257. (link)

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