Highlighted Recent Publications

M.E. Newhouse, 'The Legislative Authority' (2019) 24(4) Kantian Review (forthcoming) (SSRN)

Stephen Bero, 'The Audience in Shame' (2019) Philosophical Studies (forthcoming) (link)

Christopher P. Taggart, ‘Retributivism, Ultimate Responsibility, and Agent Causalism’ (2019) Tulsa Law Review. (forthcoming)

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Kenneth Ehrenberg, 'The Institutionality of Legal Validity' (2018) Philosophy and Phenomenological Research (forthcoming) (SSRN)

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Alexander Sarch, 'Is Parity of Culpability a Constraint on Accomplice Liability?' (2018) 15(2) Ohio State Journal of Criminal Law (forthcoming) (link)

Joshua Andresen, 'Fighting Terrorism under All Applicable Law' in Christopher Fuller and Claire Finkelstein (eds) Using Law to Fight Terror: Legal Approaches to Combating Violent Non-State and State-Sponsored Actors (Oxford University Press 2019) (forthcoming) (SSRN)

Alexander Sarch, 'Willful Ignorance in Law and Morality' (2018) 13(5) Philosophy Compass (link)

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Mikołaj Barczentewicz, 'The Illuminati Problem and Rules of Recognition' (2018) 38(3) Oxford Journal of Legal Studies (linkSSRN)

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Mikołaj Barczentewicz, 'The Limits of Natural Law Originalism' (2018) 93 Notre Dame Law Review Online 115 (SSRN)

Mikołaj Barczentewicz, 'The Social Basis of Ultimate Legal Rules: Hayek Meets Hart' (2018) Peter J. Boettke, Jayme Lemke, Virgil Storr (eds), Exploring the Political Economy & Social Philosophy of F.A. Hayek (Rowman & Littlefield) (forthcoming) (SSRN)

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Ambrose Y.K. Lee, 'Defending a Communicative Theory of Punishment: The Relationship between Hard Treatment and Amends' (2017) 37(1) Oxford Journal of Legal Studies 217 (link)

Joshua Andresen, 'Putting Lethal Force on the Table: How Drones Change the Alternative Space of War and Counterterrorism' (2017) 8(2) Harvard National Security Journal 426 (link)

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Bebhinn Donnelly-Lazarov, A Philosophy of Criminal Attempts (Cambridge University Press 2015)

Veronica Rodriguez-Blanco, Law and Authority Under the Guise of the Good (Hart 2014)