Online SCLP “taster” course in jurisprudence

The Centre has just launched a free “taster” course in jurisprudence on the online learning platform FutureLearn, covering topics in general, special, and applied jurisprudence. The course can start anytime and although it has a 5-week structure, it progresses at the learner’s own pace. The course is designed for anyone curious about how philosophical reflection can impact how we think about law and legal decision-making, but it will be especially useful for current or prospective law students looking to gain a basic understanding of the theories underlying law and legal systems to supplement or prepare for their studies.

The course design was led by SCLP Co-Director Dr Ken Ehrenberg, with further contributions by Prof Veronica Rodriguez-Blanco, Prof Dennis Patterson, Dr Christopher Taggart, and Dr Hrafn Asgeirsson.

View the course here:

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