Announcing the 2017-18 Hart Seminar Series

The Surrey Centre for Law and Philosophy is delighted to announce its line-up for its 2017-18 Hart Seminar Series, made possible in part by a grant from Hart Publishing:

27 September 2017: Heidi M. Hurd & Michael S. Moore, University of Illinois
18 October 2017: Massimo Renzo, King College London
15 November 2017: Christopher Essert, Queen’s College, Canada
13 December 2017: George Letsas, University College London
29 January 2018: Michael Munger, Duke University
14 February 2018: Katrin Flikschuh, London School of Economics
19 February 2018: Andrei Marmor, Cornell University
21 February 2018: George Pavlakos, University of Glasgow
28 February 2018: Sylvie Delacroix, London School of Economics
21 March 2018: Brian Leiter, University of Chicago
TBD May 2018: John Gardner, University of Oxford
1  May 2018: Vincent Chiao, University of Toronto

Some dates might be adjusted. To receive invitations to our Hart seminars, join our mailing list.

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